Well Furnished Rooms

We have a huge number of room options and are geared up to provide the best stay experience with all the modern amenities or luxuries that have become a necessity. All of our rooms are handcrafted for excellence and furnished for great stay ambiance. We have quite a few types of rooms that deliver excellent stay experiences to any type of guests. Let us tell you more about our room types for you:

From 4000 + GST

Our Semi Suite rooms are a class ahead and a bit more spacious to accommodate your small family or group. The ambiance is best suited for a decent stay and it has all the makings of a great stay. Our rooms overlook towards the city and are also exclusive enough to provide a grand stay experience. Your stay includes everything that you may ever need and is a fabulous stay opportunity at such price.

From 2400 + GST

Our super deluxe rooms come with stylish designing and luxurious spacing that should provide you spacious leisure along with luxury. Come and book your share of luxury & elegance through our Super Deluxe rooms. Perfect for single or double occupancy and a lavish space with panoramic view of the verdant vistas. The rooms have state of the art facilities and modern amenities which are of great importance for modern living. Built in timeless interior architecture, the Super Deluxe Rooms exude luxury in every essence.

From 2200 + GST

Our hotel offers the perfect escapade into the lap of modern leisure living. These deluxe delights are the most delightful offerings you would get in Siliguri and are befitted with the modern amenities including high speed internet. Your Deluxe stay includes television with an active connection, 24-hour room service, laundry service, direct dialing, in-room dining and much more. Your best times are guaranteed.

From 1800 + GST

As we already said that we have best rooms for everyone, our standard rooms are the best that you can get at this price. We superior rooms reflect the ambiance of the exquisite residence and feels like a fine stay experience. Rooms are well decorated and spacious enough to provide you a standard stay during your time with us.