Places to Visit Around

Siliguri is definitely a wonderful place to stay, anytime of the year. It is also the gateway to the North Bengal regions as well as Sikkim. This beauty city is draped by the distant, snow laden mountain peaks. It has also developed many more tourism spots within it. Let us discuss about a few:


Buddhism is a major culture of Siliguri and this small town is also gifted with many artistic Monasteries. About six kilometers away from the city is the Salugara Monastery, a sacred place for Buddhists and one of the most famous places to visit in Siliguri. It’s as tranquil as you’d imagine a monastery to be and is perfect for meditation or if you just want to be alone with your thoughts.


Adventure in Siliguri has a new destination and an adventure opportunity for the enthusiasts. There’s no better place to explore Siliguri’s wildlife and incredible natural beauty than at Bengal Safari Park. Its inhabitants include a huge array of birds and animals including tigers, clouded leopards, Gharials and Himalayan black bears. Even elephant safari is available.


It is definitely one of the largest temples in North Bengal and a hub for many religious people and shows a great architectural excellence. The ISKCON Temple is a popular place to go in Siliguri whether or not you’re a Krishna devotee or even a Hindu. It welcomes people of all faiths. It also has few shows to showcase the glory of Lord Krishna.


It is definitely a wonder of Siliguri but is very less known about and popular. About nine kilometers from Siliguri is Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, a reserve forest that’s home to a variety of flora and fauna including orchids, elephants, beautiful brids and even a handful of Bengal tigers. Bird-watchers will enjoy spotting birds like flycatchers, Himalayan pied hornbills and migratory species that come from central Asia.


Another charming delight which is also quite popular for its excellent spots for family excursions or picnic. The area is blessed with a white flowing Balason River and a huge area of rocks and boulders, with the fading green mountains in the background. Keep in mind that it tends to get crowded in winter when water levels are low. If you want to stay away from the crowds, visit on a weekday.

Siliguri's Coronation Bridge

It is a Colonial structure which still stands tall and is a heritage site of the region. It lies around 25 km from the main town and towards the highway to Sikkim. It is quite a popular spot for the tourists and is flooded with photo clickers during the main seasons. It is definitely a must visit.